Personal training for a dance injury

My daughter has been dancing since she was three years old. I worked with her for awhile and I even went to tumbling classes with her. I was a dancer for many years and I still teach her ballet and jazz classes. Now that I am getting older, I realize how much damage I have done to my own joints over the years. I am having trouble with my feet, my knees, hips and even my shoulders. Tumbling was difficult and painful. My daughter received a letter from her dance teacher and she wants her to try out for a part in the city ballet corps. I was really worried now that I was hurting so badly about what was going to happen to her if she started dancing professionally. A dancer’s longevity for dance was not very long. I signed her up for some fitness training. She already knew the basic stretching that goes with dance, but she was learning some advanced stretches and moves to keep her joints in shape and able to handle the stress. He told her that as a dancer, her nutrition needs were much different than a regular athlete. She needed to have strong and lean muscles so she didn’t appear like a bodybuilder. I was glad I took her to a fitness trainer. I wouldn’t have the joint damage I have now, if I were aware of the many different stretching moves and the nutrition needs for a dancer. My daughter made it to the city ballet corps and I am now awaiting her first recital. I am really pleased to say that she is my daughter and past student.

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