Regular maintenance of heating and cooling equipment helps to prevent breakdowns

It’s easy to take it for granted that the HVAC system will always operate reliably and provide warm or cool air on demand.

Unfortunately, neglected equipment sometimes breaks down without much warning.

System failures usually occur during extreme weather. The especially high or low outside temperature requires the cooling or heating unit to work harder, and the extra stress adds up. All types of heating and cooling systems, including furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and heat pumps, are complex appliances, consisting of dozens of parts and components. These parts gradually wear or can break, resulting in expensive repairs. The typical furnace is made up of more than fifty components, and if even one of them has a minor problem, the whole unit can shutdown completely. A faulty ignitor is a common issue that can cost up to two hundred dollars to replace. A much bigger furnace concern is a failed blower motor, which can cost up to fifteen hundred dollars to replace. That’s simply the price of the replacement part, with the labor costs coming on top. If the furnace should quit in the middle of the night, there’s the possibility of higher overtime service charges. The best way to prevent excessive costs and sudden breakdowns is through regular maintenance. With annual service from a licensed HVAC contractor, the heating and cooling system will last longer and succumb to fewer repairs. Most HVAC issues have warning signs that a trained technician can detect. An experienced contractor can perform a thorough troubleshooting to identify any minor concerns before they turn into extensive and expensive repairs.

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