Retired but willing to service heating and cooling systems for free

Officially I have no job.

I am currently retired and have been for the last more than four years. I have enough savings that I don’t ever need to work again. I am truly blessed. I tend to get bored. Although I don’t have to work, I enjoy getting out and accomplishing something. I have chosen to devote a few hours of my time to helping out my neighbors in little ways. I am putting my experience at their disposal and saving them some money on household repairs. I don’t charge anything for my services. Sometimes, people will offer me a pie or a dinner. There is no Heating & A/C supplier available in these parts. The closest HVAC professional is almost an hour away. When someone has an emergency with their heating or cooling unit, they know they can count on me. I am always willing to go take a look. I worked as a certified HVAC contractor for over thirty-five years, but I don’t keep up with all the modern technological advancements. I have my basic tools and know how to troubleshoot most problems with any make or model of gas furnace, boiler, heat pump or air conditioner. Even if I can’t fix the equipment, I can usually get it operational for a while longer. Summers are less hectic for me, because if someone has a problem with their A/C, it’s not an emergency. It’s just a bother. However, during the Winter, our weather is brutal. Without a working furnace, someone’s safety might be at risk! For that reason, I am willing to donate my time to inspect their heating system. I am thankful when they offer me some home-cooked food in return!

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