Should you buy a portable air conditioner for your tent?

I actually cannot stand having to camp out in a tent.

I don’t like camping out in any situation for that matter.

But camping out in a tent is definitely the worst way to experience camping. How could anybody possibly want to spend their day in a canvas death trap and pay for it? You are literally paying somebody to be miserable for a few days. The worst part is that you have no air conditioner to keep you cool. Whatever temperature nature desires that day is the one that you have to deal with, usually making your tent feel like a furnace. That is why I suggest that you purchase a portable air conditioner for your tent. Portable air conditioners allow you to regulate the temperature of your tent, enabling you to have a more comfortable experience while camping. Now, you may be wondering if there are any drawbacks to bringing an air conditioner with you for your tent, but I argue that there are none. The portable air conditioner might take up space, but it is already a small space, so it is likely that you already feel cramped. The portable air conditioner is noisy, but that can drown out the scary sounds that you hear throughout a night of camping. The biggest concern with a portable air conditioner is the cost. Tents are not insulative by nature, and the air conditioning will likely run longer because of that. However, since you aren’t paying for the electric bill, I see no problem with worrying about the air conditioner running.


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