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Our HVAC unit just took the big dirt nap.

It is completely done.

So done that it won’t even budge when I try to turn it on. This didn’t come as a complete surprise by any means. The HVAC tech has been telling us this was coming for nearly 18 months. The HVAC company we use is the one we’ve been with for over 25 years. So, if they say the heating and cooling unit is about to kick, I believe them. And, I believed that young HVAC technician the first time he warned me. We began to save for a replacement but were going to wait until the old unit finally gave up the ghost. We really lucked out, timing wise. The summer here is just brutal. The outside temps hover in the upper 90’s with very high humidity for at least 3 months in a row. Somehow, that old HVAC unit got us through the worst of the heat before it stopped working. Once I knew the HVAC was dead, I called the heating and cooling contractor at our HVAC dealer. We had worked together to find the perfect match for our new HVAC system. I told him that we were ready to buy the new unit and schedule the installation. It was still plenty warm outside so, the sooner the better. However, the HVAC contractor broke the bad news that while they had the HVAC unit, it would be 2 weeks before they could install. I appreciated his honesty and just resigned myself to a couple of sweaty weeks. That afternoon, the same HVAC contractor showed up to our home with 3 portable air conditioners. And there was no charge. That’s why you stick with professionals.



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