Strange sounds from attic turn out to be unsealed ductwork

We were beginning to suppose that our house must be haunted.

  • We moved here a few months ago.

Then we started hearing strange creaking and groaning noises at random times during the day. It was worse at night though and would, occasionally, wake us up. It seemed as if the sound might be originating from the attic but it was difficult to pinpoint the origin. I thought about calling out a clergy member but then a friend said she thought the sound might be coming from our HVAC system. After she said that, I did start to notice that we only heard the sound when the heater or air conditioner were on. We rested a little bit easier after that but we would still get creeped out every time we heard the sound. Finally, I decided to call up an HVAC repair company to come and see if this was something they could take care of. The technicians explained that our ductwork is loose and that the sounds were are hearing was just the ducts rubbing up against each other. They recommended duct sealing. I would try anything to get a good night sleep again so I told them to go ahead. Last night was the first night we all slept the night through. There were no more strange sounds coming from the attic. However, I keep finding myself listening for the creaking and groaning sounds. It is like I expect to hear it. I hope that too goes away after awhile now that the house is truly silent now.

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