Taking a hiking trip in the Rockies

For years, my wife and I had been planning to go out west and do some hiking in the Rocky mountains.

We had been planning this trip for almost ten years and we were finally able to go.

We had a guide and we were going with a group of friends. I hadn’t done any hiking in years and my wife had an office job along with our three kids, to take care of. She really didn’t have a lot of time to herself to workout or even get in a long walk. She was talking about backing out on the hiking trip, but I decided we were going to go to a fitness center. We needed to get some exercise and get on a treadmill. Going to a personal trainer at the fitness center was going to be cheaper than buying a good treadmill. At the fitness center we were going to be able to talk to a nutritionist and we would be getting all kinds of stretching exercises. I liked that the personal trainer would be working to get our legs built up for the hike, our shoulders stronger because of the backpacks, and he would be working on the cardio. I’m not sure my wife will be as excited as I was, but I am going to be taking her along, no matter what she says. When we go to the Rockies, I don’t want to be the one who has to stay at the base of the mountain and wait to hear about the trip. I want to be hiking up that mountain and sleeping in a tent we put up for ourselves.

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