Tanning in my backyard with quick access to the A/C

I was a little bit shocked when my girlfriends suggested we all get natural tans in my backyard.

They wanted to do it this way so we had immediate access to the air conditioning in my home as soon as we were all finished. They also loved my backyard because I had a tall stone wall that made it very private without anybody seeing us. This meant that we all could tan entirely nude so we wouldn’t have any tan lines. So this is what we have been doing, and admittedly, it’s pretty nice to be able to get fully tan without having to go to an expensive tanning salon. It really is convenient to have quick access to the climate control system as well. I have a smart thermostat so I am easily able to keep the settings minimal to save on the energy bills until we decide to go back into the house. That’s when I will crank up the air conditioning and we all can go inside and cool off. We always prepare some drinks like margaritas or something that is cold with ice. This has been a fantastic way to relax recently without having to go out and spend a ton of money. This is certainly ideal for us because we are college students and it’s difficult to keep up with all the bills and our jobs. I’m glad they thought to do this because it has relieved a lot of stress naturally as well. You would be surprised at how relaxing it is to rest on some pool chairs in the private backyard and just soak in the sun!