Temperature control issues at the hospital

When I took my wife to the hospital to have our baby delivered, the last thing I thought was going to be a problem was the temperature control settings in the hospital. I thought we were just going to get in there, do whatever we needed to do and have our baby delivered into the world. Well, while we were in the delivery room, my wife kept saying that it was incredibly hot and that we needed to adjust the temperature control settings to get some A/C into the room. When I asked the nurses about adjusting the temperature control settings, they just gave me a funny look and said they would see what they could do. They actually never bothered to adjust the temperature control settings and my wife was left to deal with feeling overheated while she was getting ready to deliver the baby. She had to be induced with oxytocin to get the contractions to get going. This was basically because we were already passed the due date for our baby, and we needed to get this baby moving! She also decided she wanted to try to go through the labor and delivery without receiving the epidural. This she quickly learned was a big mistake because the contractions were becoming so severe, she could no longer tolerate the pain. This was bad for me also because I was trying to get the nurses to get her the epidural, but somebody else was getting one, and they could only do one at a time. The other person took forever to get it and my wife was suffering the whole time without even enough air conditioning. Finally she got it, and soon we had the baby and everything went well in the end. Now we have a beautiful baby and we’re back at home where we can enjoy as much A/C as we want.

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