The challenge of replacing an HVAC system

Every challenge begins with but a single step.

That’s the basics behind some fairly famous old quotes.

Yet we all still remember these quotes because they applies to most any situations. Anytime there’s a difficult task to go through in order to achieve my goals, I tend to refer to it as a journey. The latest example of this was the home I inherited about two years ago. I would often stay with my aunt and uncle at this house as a kid. It’s a big house with lots of property but needs quite a bit of work. My journey began with the problems with an old Heating & A/C system installed into the house. I really liked the home and was happy to be the owner. However, without a completely gutting the central Heating & A/C unit, I could not live in the house. Don’t think I was being particular. This wasn’t a case of the cooling system not working properly. The home is very old, and the HVAC system, including the ductwork, was all over 25 years old. It was so old that the manufacturer no longer exists. There was no possibility of replacement parts.The HVAC contractor completely remove all the HVAC ducts, and started from scratch. It was wonderful to inherit the house, but with all the expenses involved with replacing the Heating & A/C system it cost me thousands of dollars! But if I had not taken the first step I could not have moved into the house. I invested in a state-of-the-art Heating & A/C system so that the home is perfectly comfortable.

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