The Fitness Room is Complete with a Mini Split HVAC Unit

Finally, the automatic debit from my bank account has ended.

It seems as though some gym has been taking a chunk of money out of my account every month for most of my adult life.

But, I certainly don’t have the body to show for it. Normally, I can get a workout at the gym if I get amped up and go directly there from work. But, this is also a peak volume time at the gym. I feel like I’m always waiting for a machine or I’m grossed out by someone leaving a piece of equipment completely covered in sweat. These are not exactly motivating factors. Additionally, the HVAC always seems to be struggling when the gym is full of people. It can neither cool or turn over the air quick enough. This results in some nasty conditions. So that’s over. We have a neglected room in our home where I have created a fitness room for our family. The room sits right in front of the house and gets constant sun all day. To add to that, our central air system doesn’t do a very good job of cooling this outlying room. At first, when I got the exercise equipment, I tried working out in there but it was far too hot. However, the local HVAC professionals have remedied all that. I have had a mini split heating and cooling unit installed in our new fitness room. This type of HVAC unit does not require ducts. So, it’s just a air handler and a thermostat. The condenser unit is outside hidden up under our eaves. Now, I get to work out in a nice, clean and cool room. And no more monthly deductions for a gym I don’t go to.

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