The problem with trying to run too many appliances all at once

Campers are the worst to live in full-time.

Some people rave about the joys of living in small houses and living on the road in a camper, but I can say from experience that it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

There are many factors to weigh in when considering purchasing a camper, and I didn’t know that there were so many hardships when it came to living in an RV. For instance, I have a terrible time trying to use my HVAC units in the camper because of how the circuit breaker box is installed. Campers can only run on a fraction of the electricity that a house can because it uses a power cord. Therefore, using your air conditioner or a space heater can be tough if you want to use anything else. In the summer, I am constantly having to turn off my air conditioner if I want to use the microwave, dryer, oven, or electric kettle. Each of these appliances creates heat, meaning that while my air conditioner is off, my house is getting very warm! Winter time isn’t nearly as bad, because you can usually use a propane furnace without turning off appliances. But propane furnaces aren’t always the most efficient, which is why we have to also purchase space heaters. Unfortunately, you cannot use more than one space heater, and that one space heater has to be turned off if you want to use any of the above-mentioned appliances. And if you ever forget to turn off your HVAC units, you have to walk outside and flip the breaker to get electricity again. RV-living is the worst.


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