The sleepover got a little overheated when the A/C broke down

The other day, my daughter was asking if she could have a sleepover with a bunch of her friends. I said as long as all their parents were okay with it, it was fine by me. Everything seemed to be fine until my daughter turned the A/C up really high. I think it was too much for the air conditioning system because it ended up breaking down. I was in a panic and called up the HVAC company. Fortunately, they were able to get an HVAC worker over there within the hour and he let me know that my HVAC system actually overheated. I had changed the air filters regularly, but I could have used an HVAC system tune-up and my ductwork system wasn’t all that clean. The good news was, he was able to handle the repair work but he said I needed to get to that ductwork cleaning sooner than later. The girls only had to suffer for a short while in an overheated house, but at least they were able to use some fans to keep cool. I also made them ice-cold lemonade so they could relax a little bit. Everybody was so thankful when the A/C was working again, but I told my daughter not to overdo it with the temperature control settings until I was able to get the ductwork cleaned out officially. She was able to agree with that because she didn’t want the air conditioning system to break down again either. As long as they had the fans working along with the A/C, it wasn’t so bad for them. I thought the temperature control settings were fine at 71 degrees.


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