The waiter refused to adjust the temperature control settings

When there was a new restaurant that opened up in our area, we really wanted to try the place out.

I checked all kinds of reviews about the place, and most of the reviews were extremely positive.

When we finally went to the place, the first thing I noticed was that the A/C was really blasting. Sure, it was a hot day but I thought it was a little bit too much. My husband didn’t seem to mind because he thinks there is no such thing as too much A/C. It’s commonly like this when we go to the movie theatre and they will never adjust the temperature control settings just for me. It was basically the same at this restaurant. Our server said that they had to keep the A/C up in order to keep most of the people happy and because the place was so overcrowded, it could become overheated very easily. I just kept my jacket on and we ate our food. The food and drinks were actually very good, and for the most part, we had a pleasant experience. My husband kept giving me looks since I had my jacket on. He thought I was being over dramatic about the temperature control settings because he thought it felt just right in the place. He even was raving about how excellent the air quality was and he left a really big tip to our waiter. I actually didn’t think the waiter deserved such a huge tip because he refused to adjust the temperature control settings. We still had a pretty good experience though.

Air conditioning expert