There is nothing like air-conditioning after a long day of hard work

After a long day of hard work, the last thing that you want to do is come home to an uncomfortable house. You want dinner to be ready, the kids to be well-behaved, and problems to be left behind. My wife is excellent at making the house comfortable, and she even goes the extra mile with our air conditioner. She likes to save money on cooling our house throughout the summer, which means that when I am away at work, she turns the air conditioner down so that she isn’t wasting money. Besides, the children are constantly running in and out of the house, which means that we lose a lot of the cool air that the air conditioner provides. However, about an hour before I get home, my wife turns the air conditioner to a cooler setting so that it will be nice and chilly when I get home. After working all day in the sun and heat, it feels wonderful to walk indoors where the cool air makes me feel completely comfortable. I take off my boots and feel the cold air on my toes. The air conditioner cools me down, and I relax in the chair to enjoy my meal and my family. My wife will keep the air conditioner at this setting for the entire evening and night since she knows that I sleep better with the air conditioner turned on. When I leave for work the next morning, she turns the thermostat to a hotter temperature, and she resumes her normal schedule. My wife knows me well.


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