Trust is everything with HVAC repair

A couple of days ago I received a phone call that truly surprised me, and not in a good way.

It was the beginning of the summer season so I made the annual call over to the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company only to find out that the HVAC repair tech that had been working exclusively for us is no longer working there.

I thought that they were just pulling a joke on me at the beginning, but sure enough, he really was no longer there. If you know me or my husband even a little, you know that it takes a lot for us to trust people who are outside of our circle of friends and family. When it comes to other difficult things in life such as remodeling, paying taxes, or fixing up the car we always tend to do it on our own because we don’t trust people! After breaking the news to my husband about our HVAC situation we both sat down and weighed the options. At the end of it all our options we actually quite simple. We could either hire a new HVAC repair tech and get to trust him slowly over the years, or we could skip it and finally learn how to take care of the heating and cooling unit of ours on our own. Well, It didn’t take more than ten seconds for us to decide that we would much rather take a few classes learning the basics of HVAC repair than have to go through finding an HVAC repair tech we can trust again!



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