We almost scared my husband to death

The other day, some girlfriends of mine and I all decided to do facials.

We put on these homemade face masks and had the cucumbers over our eyes.

When my husband needed to come talk to me about something, he was heading up the stairs when a bunch of us decided to go downstairs. When he saw us, he got really startled and fell down the stairs. I think it was our facemasks that kind of scared him because he didn’t recognize us and we looked sort of like monsters. I had to have the girls go home and rushed him to the hospital. He was able to walk, but he was hurt pretty bad. Fortunately, there were no broken bones, just a few scrapes and bruises. He kept complaining about the temperature control settings at the hospital though. When I asked the nurse if the temperature control settings could be adjusted so he could warm up a little bit, they said they had to keep the A/C settings high so that germs would not spread. He was shouting that it was far too cold in there and they were definitely trying to freeze him to death. When he said he was going to just leave, they wanted him to stay but he gave them such a hard time, they ended up discharging him from the hospital. It was nothing serious anyway and he probably would have caught a cold or something from being so cold in there. He never admitted that he was afraid of us when he saw all of us with our face masks on, but I knew we really scared him!


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