We got so much money from the yard sale, we were able to buy a smart thermostat

For the longest time, I have been telling my husband to get to the garage and clean it out.

He has all kinds of useless junk in there that he seems to think is worth something.

I finally decided that if I didn’t help, it was never going to get done. We set a day to clean everything out and get everything organized. I wanted to just throw everything away but he insisted that we should at least have a giant yard sale. So we put a bunch of signs up advertising our yard sale and were selling all kinds of things. We actually found a bunch of old window A/C units that were in the back of the garage. I was skeptical that they even worked but we tested them out and they worked surprisingly well. We actually sold those before most of the other stuff. People were grateful to get a great deal on some nice window A/C units and we let them test them out to see if they worked well. We also sold some old gas grills for a good price, and we even had a few space heaters. I decided to keep a couple of the space heaters in case we needed them for emergency backup, plus I wanted to use one for when I was watching my shows in the winter season. I didn’t even know they were out in the garage, so it was a good thing we were organizing and selling stuff. We ended up making a pretty good amount of money, so we decided to buy a new smart thermostat! I’m so glad that we decided to do the yard sale.


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