What are Heat only temperature controls?

There are Some homes that only have a single stage furnace, for example in places plus temperatures where having air conditioning is just not needed.

For these homes plus structures, they will instead have a “heat only” temperature control which can control the furnace, whatever kind of furnace that may be.

A heat only temperature control will respectfully only have a power switch plus buttons for the adjustment of all temperatures. When the power is turned on, the temperature control will communicate with the heater or furnace to power the furnace until the temperature control is detecting the goal temperature has been reached. The adjustment buttons vary the set temperature you desire, but on this type of heating only temperature control, the wiring will be legitimately simple. Some of the More complicated Heating plus Air Conditioning systems may have multiple functionality with multiple stages. The heat only temperature control will only have to connections to the heater or furnace to turn it on. For a single stage furnace, any temperature control will work. There are so many remotely controlled temperature control models out there, if you want to be truly “smart” about your heat only temperature control. You can use any temperature control you want, plus only worry about connecting the furnace ports, commonly labeled as R or W. Choosing a smart temperature control will most likely save you money down the road, as a huge percentage of an energy bill may be due to 1 or 2 slip-ups in leaving the heat on when out of the house. Most temperature controls, especially heat only smart temperature controls, use straight-forward to purple LCD display along with a lightning fast installation. Call up your local Heating plus Air Conditioning provider plus see if they can deliver a nice heat only temperature control for your single stage heating Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.



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