What are the five rules of air conditioners?

Air conditioners are a definite blessing when it comes to cooling your home down to a proper temperature. Nearly every American home has an air conditioner, and we couldn’t imagine life without our air conditioner. However, there are certain things that you must remember when you are using an air conditioner. First, always remember to clean your air conditioner before you use them in the summer. Air conditioners have air filters that help make the air that blows out of the air conditioner stay clean. If your air filter in your HVAC unit is dirty, it could make your entire family sick, and it could also ruin your air conditioner. Second, make sure that your air conditioner is plugged into the right kind of electric plug. If you don’t you could risk setting your house on fire! Third, always make sure that the air conditioner that you are using is rated for the size of your room. Air conditioners are designed to only run when the temperature in your room heats up to a certain level. If your air conditioner is too small for your room, then your air conditioner could run non-stop, ruining your air conditioner. Fourth, always make sure that your air conditioner is running at a comfortable temperature. If the temperature is cold enough to make your family need to wear sweatshirts, then your house is entirely too cold! And finally, make sure that your air conditioner is cleaned and put away at the end of the Summer. If your HVAC unit is clean when it is put away, it will be easier to clean in Spring!



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