Where is all of this dust coming from?

I’m sure everyone knows that I have some really bad allergic. Sometimes I think that just the thought of dust and flowers can make me sneeze and cause my eyes to grow red and water. Some people think it is just an attention getter or a reason for getting out of going places that I don’t want to go to. I am too old to play those games. I don’t want people to come see me if they don’t want to, and I’m not afraid to tell someone I’m not going someplace because they may have their feelings hurt. They are the type of person that needs to put on their big girl panties. I never did play mind games with people and I’m not about to start now. So, when the dust was getting so thick in my house, instead of complaining about it, I did something. I cleaned my house and I looked everywhere, while cleaning, for a place where the dust could be coming from. I know that the magnetic field of the television is going to attract the dust, but I swear I have dust attaching itself to me. That is when I called the HVAC company. I needed to find out if the ductwork had something to do with the dust. When the HVAC technician arrived, he inspected my HVAC system and then the ductwork. Sure enough, there were cracks in the ductwork and he was able to fix them. He assured me that once the ductwork was fixed, I should not have any further problems with the dust.

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