Where is the whistling coming from

Last month, my husband and I kept hearing the eeriest of whistling in the house.

It sound like something that would come from a horror movie.

We turned everything off in the house, thinking it may have been the refrigerator, my washer, dryer, or even my oxygen machine. We still heard the whistling. For two hours, I walked through the upstairs while he was in the basement, looking to see where the whistling was coming from. I sat in the kitchen and I began to hear the noise even louder. I had been looking out the window and I was thinking about how hard the wind was blowing. A cold front was coming in and I had recently heard the heating turn on. That was when it hit me that the only time we heard the noise, was when the furnace kicked on. I had to laugh when I realized we hadn’t thought about the furnace, long before this. I yelled down to my husband, who had long ago given up the search and he was playing a game on his computer. I told him the whistling was only happening when the furnace turned on and he told me it couldn’t be. He had already checked the furnace and it was fine. He came upstairs and he could hear the noise. There was a loud whistle coming from the air vent that was right below the kitchen window. He stood back and then went for a screwdriver to remove the air vent. I thought it was silly, but the whistle our son was playing with had gone into the vent. It had to have been perfectly in place, because the airflow from the ductwork, was causing the whistle to blow.


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