Why it is important to use your HVAC units wisely when you have pets

Pets drastically change your life.

When my wife and I first got married, she really wanted dogs. I did not want dogs at all. Dogs take up a huge part of your life, and they require a ton of attention. We decided to compromise, and we now have three dogs. Yes, I understand that that isn’t a compromise, and I wasn’t happy about it. I have learned a lot about taking of pets, including how to use your HVAC units wisely while owning pets. Did you know that pets have all sorts of HVAC preferences? Some dogs, like my long-haired dog, prefer to have the air conditioner run during the entire summer. He cannot stand the heat. During the wintertime, rather than enjoying the furnace, he wants to spend all day outside in the snow. On the other hand, my short haired dogs love spending the days outside during the summer, and they prefer the warmth of the air conditioner in the summer. I also learned that dog hair and dander are terrible to breathe in constantly. Dogs also have a distinctly bad smell. But our air purification system helps us to overcome all of those things. We are constantly having to change the air filters on our HVAC units because of our animals. Since we have dogs, we make sure to have regular inspections on our HVAC units in order to avoid a breakdown when our dogs need the temperature regulations. Though I have learned a lot about HVAC units, I have also learned that I enjoy my dogs. They are growing on me like mold.



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