Wifi access for security measures

3 years ago, I decided to make the switch from a manual control device to a WIFI alternative.

  • Although the price of a smart control device is rather high, the energy savings as well as convenience make the investment worth it.

After quite a bit of searching, I contacted a local Heating as well as A/C business for assistance. I wished to be sure I chose a control device that would suit our make as well as model of heater as well as cooling system. The Heating as well as A/C business made several tips, including the much larger investment into a beach house automation system. The beach house auto system connects household appliances into a central control as well as includes the control unit, lighting, sound system as well as even the oven as well as Starbucks Latte maker. The best area of this concept is the security system. We’ve put in window sensors which give messages if any of the windows are opened or broken. All of us now have outdoor lights that are automatically triggered by motion as well as both indoor as well as outdoor security measures. From an app on our phones, I’m able to see who is sitting on the doorstep as well as knocking on the front door. I can speak to them through an intercom as well as have the ability to lock up the door. All of the door locks, including the garage as well as back lanai, are automated as well as allow for remote access. There is also the option to give delivery men or family members with a temporary security code for the house.


Security System Service