Working in a little bistro plus the a/c is just not laboring

I labor at a vegan cafe down the street from me, plus I have been there for several years.

It’s a pretty wonderful side task, however recently I have been thinking about leaving, however both of us got a current manager plus she’s very inconsiderate of the dining rooms needs.

Immediately when she started I noticed how tepid it was in the dining room. It took myself and others a fourth to put two plus two together, however then I realized she was turning off the A/C to save on energy bills. I looked the temperature control 1 day plus saw it was 6 degrees hotter than usual! In a dining room, not having A/C can be seriously brutal. It’s also dangerous not to have air conditioning, because if food is laying out in the heat it can grow bacteria. It is also harder for the fridge units to keep up their temp if the A/C is off. When I saw the temperature control was so high, I turned it back down to its original temperature! A few fourths later I found myself being confronted by our current manager, plus she was not happy about what I did with the temperature control plus A/C unit. I told her I understand that she is just following energy saving tips, however it’s crucial that the dining room have air conditioning so that the temperature doesn’t get too hot, and she told myself and others she didn’t care plus I could leave if I didn’t adore the temperature control setting she was using. I thought this was peculiar plus can’t stop thinking about what I should do. I really need A/C in our dining room.

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