Zone control for a large household

I live in a house with five other people.

The smartest thing I ever did was get HVAC zone control.

For a long time my family made due with central HVAC. The lot of us had to decide on one temperature that would affect every room in the house. Everyone has their own temperature control needs. My wife would get cold and want the heating on. My sons always wanted to blast the air conditioning. My daughter complains bitterly over the noise of the HVAC. Nobody was ever happy and the bills were a fortune. Once the central HVAC sputtered and died, I knew I had to try something else. Rather than every room of the house getting equal HVAC, I just made sure everyone had their own. The air ducts were sealed off and I bought ductless mini split system. One outdoor air compressor runs up to eight indoor air handlers. Each room in the house gets an air handler and a thermostat. All of those spaces can be heated and cooled differently, thus creating HVAC zone control. Now my wife can blast the heating, my sons enjoy air conditioning and my daughter can have no HVAC without affecting anyone. There is way less fighting and my energy bills are lower. I don’t have to pay to air condition rooms that don’t need or want it. I only need heavy heating in one space now. It really has been a game changer for my family. The initial cost was quite high, but after a few months of use, HVAC zone control system has paid back for itself.
a/c repairman