Enjoying an outdoor workout

I had an especially enjoyable workout today.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to exercise outside.

It is the third week of October and the weather has definitely turned. The leaves are nearly all brown and steadily falling from the trees. The temperature has begun to cool off and conditions are windy and rainy nearly every day. Just as I was getting out my yoga mat and lacing up my sneakers, I noticed the sun come out this morning. I checked outside and was surprised by how warm the air felt. I was able to workout in shorts and a T-shirt. I have a deck built across the entire back side of my house. It is wonderfully spacious. It’s also elevated and provides a lovely view of the gardens, a large pond and wooded area. The deck is my favorite spot to workout. When I get the opportunity to breathe fresh air and feel the sun on my face, I am more motivated. Because I’m enjoying myself, I push myself harder. I first took the time to thoroughly warm up and stretch my muscles. I then unrolled my mat and used the jump rope app on my phone. I chose an advanced level HIIT program that was 45 minutes long. The session incorporated a quarter-pound jump rope and a half-pound jump rope. In-between intervals of different styles of jumps, the app led me through squat thrusts, squat holds, frog jumps and jumping jacks. It was an intense workout that burned over 400 calories. At the end of it, I was tired and sweaty but felt fantastic. I then went through a final stretch and cool down. I’m hoping for good weather again tomorrow.


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