I was stupid for avoiding the sun screen

I decided I wanted to do something special with my partner for vacation this year, so the two of us made the decision to go down to the tropics! The resort the two of us made the decision to go to was good plus the two of us had fun for the first day.

My partner kept telling me to put on sunscreen but I just said I simply didn’t need it.

He tried to say that the daylight rays were more intense in the tropics, but I still wasn’t listening; I told him that I never got sunburns plus if I did, they were relatively mild. Well, I had to learn the strenuous way. Towards the end of the day, I was entirely feeling the pain all over my body. My skin felt as if it was on fire plus my partner had to rub aloe vera lotion on me while I relaxed in our hotel room with the a/c method cranked up. I was right next to the heating, ventilation and A/C vent so I could feel the a/c going continuously against my skin. It was the only way I was able to feel any sort of relief. If I moved from that spot, I instantly felt as if I was inside of a hot gas furnace plus that’s not a comfortable feeling. It took me several afternoons to heal from my sunburns plus my partner asked if I learned my lesson. I dislike it when he rubs stuff such as that in my face, but I actually did learn my lesson. When I finally was able to go back outside to adore the beach for the last remaining afternoons, I made sure to use a ton of sunscreen! There was no way I planned on being stuck in the room with nothing but a/c for the contractor for the rest of this vacation!

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