Keep the comic book collection in mint condition with your HVAC

The day my mom decided to toss out my comic book collection changed my life in a major way.

I had never before in my life been more irritated as well as exasperated. First of all she had gone into my room as well as violated my privacy by choosing to throw away my belongings, which was horrendous enough. Secondly, there was value in these books, which wasn’t a lot, however a few hundred bucks worth. Third as well as most key was my personal attachment to them, because these comics were my ultimate pride as well as joy. I remember that day fairly often, as it cemented my status as a devoted comic fan. Recently I had a new Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine installed just for my comic book collection, as well as when I realized it was nicer than the one my mother owns, I had to laugh. If you didn’t happen to be aware why temperature control is so necessary for comic books, please let me explain this point! For decades, comic books were believed to be disposable, so they were printed on the cheapest paper that happened to be around. That paper needs temperature control as well as incredibly strict humidity regulation to be able to last. Since they weren’t meant to stand the test of time, you have to stop time for them by keeping the temperature control settings even as well as the humidity low, so at the least get a dehumidifier for your investment! For an extreme collector, you need to invest the currency in a dedicated Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine for your collection room. It’s good to go for a ductless mini split so long as it has an air purification machine as well as dehumidifier in it. Otherwise your comics will end up growing mildew, mold, as well as will rot before you know.


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