My fiance can’t stop using the A/C equipment

When my fiance Valeria initially moved here from overseas, there was a crucial phase of adjustment.

It’s been about a year and she is finally getting comfortable and settling in.

For a while it was touch and go! There was the cultural element of course, because Val speaks good English, although she was still out of her element, and studying new words and phrases every day. She also had to adjust the foods she could find, and of course the weather conditions. She was not even close to being ready for this kind of heat and humidity, and the poor thing lived next to an air conditioner for the longest time! She knew all about the weather conditions here, however it’s 1 thing to know it and another to experience it for yourself firsthand. It turns out she was not even ready for these uneven temperatures and humidity levels. The central AC was able to remain running for about 4 weeks straight, even at night when it was much cooler. This is because it was humid 24/7. I rearranged the family room and bedroom environment, so that her side of the bed and her number one chair were situated underneath the HVAC vents. Other than the a/c equipment situation, she adjusted to life here hastily, although to be perfectly straightforward, we didn’t go out much. Once the frosty season arrives I hope the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment becomes less needed, so I can start showing her around, and where she comes from it rarely gets over 80 degrees even on the warmest of days. Her family had never owned an air conditioner to be honest. I am hoping the cooler weather will break her reliance on a/c equipment, however all of us will see soon enough.


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