My fiance heavily relies on the A/C machine

When my fiance Valeria came here from overseas, there was a rather long period of adjustment, but after a year or so, she is finally getting comfortable & settling in, however for a while it was touch & go.

There was the cultural element of course, because Val speaks excellent English, even though she was still out of her element, & learning new words & phrases every afternoon.

She also had to adjust the foods she preferred eating, & of course the climate. She was not prepared for this kind of heat & humidity, & the poor young lady lived next to an a/c for weeks! She knew all about the climate in this particular location, however it’s a single thing to actually know it & another to experience it firsthand, & it turns out she was not prepared for these hot & cold temperatures & humidity levels. The central AC was able to stay running for approximately four weeks straight, even at evening when it cooled off significantly. It was humid 24/7, and so I rearranged the entryway & the bedroom, so that her side of the bed & her number one chair were located under the comfortable HVAC vents. Other than the a/c machine situation, she decided to adjust to life here fairly quickly, although to be honorable both of us didn’t go out especially much. Once the nippy season arrives I hope the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C machine becomes less necessary, so I can start showing her around. Where she comes from it hardly ever gets over 77 degrees even on the warmest afternoon, & her family had never owned an a/c machine in the past. I am hoping the cooler weather will easily break her reliance on a/c, however we’ll have to see about that.

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