You can’t afford to neglect filter changes in your a/c

My wife has been calling me a total idiot in subtle ways ever since I murdered the heating as well as A/C system, simply because she kept telling me to swap out the air filters plus I kept telling her that they seemed clean enough.

They were 3 week air filters, however I thought they could entirely last for a whole year instead.

Every time I checked them, they actually didn’t seem like they had much dust buildup at all plus I figured maybe it was because all of us had nice air quality… Well, the air quality became worse overtime plus my wife kept complaining! However, I didn’t do anything to fix the concern with the air quality… I should have just changed the air filters consistently every 3 weeks, however I waited until the heating as well as the A/C system broke down. It would not turn back on plus then all of us finally pulled out the aged air filter plus put a new one in, then by that time, the air filter looked dirty even to me, however my wife has been saying that our heating as well as A/C system would have been wonderful if it weren’t for me pushing it with the lack of air filter fluctuations, and fortunately, all of us were able to get the heating as well as A/C system fixed plus now working again however it was a rather luxurious heating as well as A/C repair, and having skipped so several air filter fluctuations, this caused the heating as well as A/C system to eventually overheat plus cause extreme disfigures. Many parts had to be updated plus I can say that I have l acquired my lesson. There is no way I will pass on any air filter fluctuations moving forward.

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